Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm a rambler

I haven't felt like blogging in a loooonng time.I feel that with how little i update this thing i should just get a tumblr instead.It feels like less of a hassle no?Well anywhoo for those who care,life lately has been like Bill Murray's in Groundhog Day.Speaking of Bill,how funny was Zombie Land?I mean this comment is super belated but really,funniest movie ever!Moving on...actually while we're on the topic of movies please do yourself a favor and see this:

Bill Murray rules even as a badger.It comes out this month,I highly recommend you check it.Also,I finally watched 500 days of Summer and i have to say i wasn't really impressed.I mean i wasn't expecting much because this movie from the get go was an obvious attempt to incorporate the indie thang into the mainriver but it was just way TOO MUCH.Like oh hey i like The Smiths too,lets hold hands at Ikea.Nice try.


Well lets keep this random thought dump i got going,going.I've been on the hunt for items on my summer checklist.This list includes but is not limited to the perfect striped t shirt,liquid eyeliner and the perfect wedge.You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find like THE PERFECT striped tee.This is my never ending quest guys.It all started back when they used to give It's on with Alexa Chung(side note:I really cannot stand her.not a hater but her teeth and voice make me cringe and i find her quite silly and obnoxious).I never really had an interest in the show itself but GOOD GOD the woman can dress!And she seems to have a collection of the greatest striped tees ever created.Observe

See?Consider me green with envy...If only i had the power to materialize things with my mind...

Hmmmm what?.Ahem,this has gone on way too long.and Michael Pitt makes me think of Jamie Bochert which i must save for another post entirely.When they get married i might become a legitimate stalker...just saying.

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  1. I cant wait to see Fantastic mr fox, I made sure to not know anything about it before hand. it looks so cute.