Friday, May 21, 2010

Lonnnng overdue apologetic hiatus update spam blahhhhh

I was planning on this post being a long winded fan girl response to what still is the best concert I've ever been too.But I've decided not to.Partly because maybe two of you would actually get/enjoy it and mostly because the words escape me...there is also the fact that I'm painfully lazy.The trip to Miami was fun,Paul was...well Amy put it best and I'll leave it at that!

The Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach.It was cute,you could tell it's prime was in the 60's,and the front desk had a framed picture of the fab four.So naturally i was already giddy upon check in.When i saw that those pictures extended to the halls and our freakin room i flipped my shit and busted out the camera at every corner!I took so many pictures that it almost seemed like a chore to upload and organize them.But finally here are some pictures my friend took and here are most of the Macca and Mia pictures I took.Enjoy!


  1. SQUEEEE!!!! This was just as good! I am absolutely in AWE of these pics! Thanks for the shout out, by the way. xoxo

    Okay, back to look at these pictures again. YAY!!

  2. yay!I'm glad you enjoyed.I still have so many pictures it's crazy.It was a blast though and definitely the highlight of this year(/my life)!